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Groyse Metsie Live at Indica Pub on 2006-12-07

Collection GroyseMetsie
Band/Artist Groyse Metsie
Venue Indica Pub
Location Binyamina, Israel

Source SBD > MD
Lineage MD > Presonus Firewire > Cubase > Wav > Flac16
Taped by David Nadah (Soundman)
Transferred by Shai Perelman


This is a (almost) complete live show by Israeli band Groyse Metsie
please check it out,
I'm sure you will find it interesting and ejoyable listen (-;


Reviewer: demostat - - May 13, 2008
Subject: wow
Stumbled upon this show and wow is all I can say. Where would my life be without the archive.
Worth a dl and adding to you collection. I typicaly like brothers past/umph/jimmy sift jams
Reviewer: ryan7585 - - March 1, 2007
Subject: Amazing!
This is really phenominal stuff, guys! Incredibly spiritual, transparent, emotional playing- especially from the violinist.

These guys really deserve to be legendary- the songcraft, the skill, the emotion, the style, the innovation, and... the emotion! seriously inspiring! ive never heard anything like it.

Buy everything they ever release! honestly- it's worth it!
Reviewer: fullyknown - - January 25, 2007
Subject: great listen
good clear recording,good grooves, worth at least a stream,
Reviewer: Amazish - - January 23, 2007
Subject: Great stuff
Groyse Metsie! Indeed!

Rock On!!!

Groyse Metsie
by Groyse Metsie
Groyse Metsie
by Groyse Metsie
( 4 reviews )
Source: SBD > MD